Our Sponsors

The heART Project is a collaboration between award-winning Australian photographer Karen Alsop from Story Art and a group of volunteer photographers from across the globe.

The aim of each chapter of The heART Project is to spread love to families who have experienced hardship through the financial constraints and challenging scenarios that can come up in daily life. At the core of each project is workshop where, under the tutelage of Karen, budding photographers can learn professional skills while taking the portrait of someone who has had a rough trot in life.

The heART Project has completed over 20 projects to-date across Australia and the world by showing people that something as simple as a photo can truly change families lives. Follow along with #theheARTproject on Instagram or join the community on Facebook

The Heart Project Video Playlist

Every week we hear from struggling families, with heart wrenching stories. We want to help everyone that reaches out to us, but the reality is we can't. But with your generosity this can change! ‚Äč Each contribution goes towards the next Heart Project, enabling us to cover the costs of production, artist fees (heavily discounted by the artists) and final presentation so that families in need do not need to pay a cent.


Company or Philanthropist?

We are looking for companies, and individuals that would like to partner with us and sponsor an entire project from start to finish. These are tax deductible donations that fall under your company's marketing budget.

If you have a passion to help, and would like talk further please contact Karen Alsop

Email: info@storyart.com.au

Ph. +61 416 233 451

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